Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services

Our experienced team offers comprehensive janitorial and commercial cleaning services, meticulously customized to align with our valued clients’ specific requirements.

Our skill set encompasses the following services:

  1. Thorough restroom cleaning and sanitization.
  2. Diligent sweeping, mopping, and machine scrubbing of floors.
  3. Power Washing, including building exteriors, grounds, or concrete. 
  4. Precise vacuuming of carpeted areas.
  5. Effective cleaning and disinfection of kitchen and lounge spaces.
  6. Expert stripping and refinishing services.
  7. Stairwell and elevator maintenance.
  8. Immaculate cleaning of common areas, including lobbies and foyers.
  9. Detailed cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards, and millwork.
  10. Vent cleaning for air conditioning systems.

Managing and upholding the cleanliness, sanitation, and appeal of commercial real estate in the New York City metropolitan area can be a formidable and time-consuming task. This is precisely why thriving businesses across New York City, Long Island, and select parts of New Jersey place their trust in Kim’s Maintenance Services to preserve the pristine condition of their facilities.

Get in touch with us about our Cleaning services, and learn more about our Maintenance expertise! 

Fostering Client Trust Through Unwavering Excellence.

Our Mission

For over 15 years, our #1 priority has been to provide impeccable services so facilities users feel inspired, respectable, and focused. But our mission doesn’t end there.

We are proud to be a multi-ethnic and multilingual company and we commit to:

Building an internal culture to ensure all staff members feel included, safe, and respected.

Providing multilingual capabilities internally and to our clients as needed, with English and Spanish being our top priorities.

Cultivating trust-based relationships with all stakeholders to build an influential and inclusive community committed to ethical business practices and transformative community impact.

We invite you to be a part of our vision.